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I enjoy capturing genuine reactions and candid expressions. These micro-moments are the parts that describe our personalities, and I love being there to try and really encapsulate the people I photograph. Most of the people I shoot, I already know – and I think you can see that in the pictures. Shoots include: Pre-Wedding get ready for Nas, Aerial Silks get ready (Pre-Performance) featuring Kelly Horne and her troop of Lisa K., Emma, Heidi, Abbi, Sarah, Danielle, Lisa and Katie; Kelly Horne studio doubles; Kelly Horne marketing material (Invite artwork and workshop photos); portraits of Soraya French; headshots for Izzie; Don’t Go There Short Film promo photos; A Litterbug Carol Short Film promo photos; The Prize Short Film promo photos; portraits for Anouska; and lastly, numerous self portraits from over the years.

Hampshire contemporary artist

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