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Yasmin French

Photo: By Roger McCallum

Yasmin French is a contemporary British artist specialising in acrylic paintings of landscapes, scenes and animals inspired by travel. She is based in Hampshire, UK, but takes inspiration from travels across the world, taking photographs along the way. In 2022, she began using alcohol inks to create abstracts centred on the universe with colour schemes inspired by our galaxies and beyond. Using acrylic paint, she explores colour to create beautiful works of art.  Colour, light and the human condition are centric to her pieces. 
Painting is a source of great happiness for Yasmin; all her work is painted for the simple pleasure of creation and expression.

Like everyone else, I hate writing artist biographies, but I hope this gives you some idea to the type of work I create. I don’t take art too seriously, particularly as it’s something that I choose to spend my free time doing. I want to have as much fun as I can doing it, which is why I choose to paint subjects that I enjoy, and why I choose vibrant colour palettes for a lot of pieces. The vast majority of my work is painted primarily for my own enjoyment – based either on photographs I have taken myself or on references (often from TV or film) that spark an emotional response in me, either making me smile or enchanting me with a scene I find particularly breathtaking and inspiring. 

The human condition fascinates me. I read widely, including psychology literature, and all sort of fictional genres. I like scenes that tell stories or inspire intrigue. Intrigue is such an important part of storytelling in art and literature. It’s the part of creating that makes the reader want to keep coming back for more, to read more and more into a piece, and see stories emerging from a series of brushstrokes. This is why I enjoy creating contemporary impressionist-inspired work.

If I’m not creating intrigue, then I intend to bring warmth, light and humour – some of my favourite things in life! What is better than a picture that makes you smile every time you look at it? 

Of course, I grew up in a house filled with books, prints and originals of hundreds of contemporary artists, living under the same roof and guided by my mother, Soraya French (SWA SFP).   You may recognise my art from The French Collection Studio. I was extremely privileged to grow up surrounded in this culture, and the art bug definitely rubbed off on me.  I’ve been drawing and painting since I could pick up pencils, and I just couldn’t imagine a world without art. It’s unfathomable! Despite this, I didn’t go to art school. Most of what I know is self-taught or just from putting in the hours practising with my material. I don’t think you need to go to art school to learn how to paint – but it sure does help with the foundation skills.

What else do I do? I have a day job heading up marketing for a construction supplies company and I’m also an enthusiastic squash player. I originally trained to work in TV & film, but after a few small jobs I quickly realised the gig culture didn’t suit my lifestyle. Graduating in the 2008 recession, my career started in customer services, where I had a secondment in marketing. I worked my way up to Director level running a photographic editing company for several years, until recently, when I changed industries after experiencing the loss of a beloved colleague. 

My favourite material includes: Golden, Jacquard Inks, Liquitex, Cryla, Windsor & Newton, and FW Inks.

I accept commissions of landscapes and portraits of people or animals. I have written a guide to commissioning a painting here.

Still curious? Message me!

Here are a few words some of my buyers have sent to me…

Yasmin, I’ve been shopping on art finder for some time and your painting is by far my favourite. It takes pride of place in the entrance hall of the house and something I look at every day.
Thank you

Tom Collins – buyer of Summer Traffic Jam
Jan 2020

I just love my new original ‘Candy Floss’ painting from Yasmin. There is something so calming and serene about this little piece and I particularly love the way the gold shimmers and those small flecks of pink remind me of the recent winter sunsets. The picture has obviously been framed with some care and attention to detail as the gold surround compliments the artwork so perfectly. This painting is an uplifting addition to my living room.
If you are looking for a bespoke piece with a personal touch, I cannot recommend Yasmin enough

Rebecca Hurst – buyer of Candy Floss
Jan 2024

3 Children featured in The Artist July 2011

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