Yasmin French is a contemporary British artist specialising in acrylic and alcohol ink paintings of animals, landscapes, and scenes inspired by travel. Yasmin is based in Hampshire, UK, and takes inspiration from travels across the world, taking photographs along the way.

My back catalogue is available to browse here, covering my collections in alcohol inks and mixed media (acrylics), of some of my favourite subjects including urban landscapes, wildlife, sea creatures, and the universe. I will take you from the depths of the ocean, to the tippy tops of the mountains, to far away stars.

In 2022 I began using alcohol ink and fell in love with the fluidity and colours. As giclee prints do not do alcohol ink justice, and require hand-applied gold leaf embellishments, I have decided that all my alcohol ink pieces will remain original works of art, and will not be reproduced as prints, making them truly unique pieces. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

My pieces were created for the sheer joy of creating. I hope you can feel the joy and fun that I have making my work. I choose my subjects based on sparks of emotion: colour plays an important role in conveying the mood and atmosphere, and the play of light is something that interests me, which is probably why I am so fascinated by stars and outer space: the very sources of our light.

Feel free to browse. There are many pieces currently available, which you are able to click on for more information. If you have an enquiry, please message me. If you would like any other information, I would love to hear from you.

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