Upcoming Shows and Exhibitions

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been online, although I’ve been working on paintings in the background and life has generally been very busy.

I have a few shows and exhibitions coming up over the summer. Keep a look out on my social media and bio page for details.

So far:
21-22 May 10am-4pm – Open Studios @ The French Collection Gallery in Project Workshops, Quarley, Hampshire – Open Studios
2-29 July – Solo Show @ The Arena Cafe, The Lights, Andover, Hampshire – Please click here for opening hours and facilities, they have lovely coffee and cake!
20-29 August 10am-5pm Hampshire Open Studios Art Trail @ Broughton Village Hall, High Street, Broughton, SO20 8AX

How to Make Custom Cardboard Boxes to Post Framed Artwork for Couriers (I do this for Saatchi Art Sales)

Here is a short video I filmed that shows how I keep your paintings safe when I post them to you. The main reason I decided to film this was for the benefit of other artists, so that you can see how to create custom cardboard boxes to safely ship framed artwork and avoid damage. Have you ever wondered where you can get cardboard boxes that fit your paintings? Well, you don’t need to buy any – I show you here how to make your own custom cardboard boxes to post artwork. It should cost you nearly nothing – it’s practically free once you have a few supplies in place, although you will need foam boards for the inner protection for each painting you are shipping.

Some of the supplies you will need:

  • Cardboard box opened up (preferably two or three ply)
  • Extra cardboard box to pack glass
  • Foam board
  • No residue masking tape to protect the glass (I like this one)
  • Acid free tissue paper
  • Shredded paper, card, newspaper, tissue paper, spare bubble wrap, pellets, polystyrene – anything that isn’t dyed for packing out the boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Parcel tape
  • Duck tape
  • A ruler
  • Stanley knife and cutting mat
  • Pen
  • Red sharpie
  • Super sticky labels

I have been selling online for a few years and have used this method for Artfinder and Saatchi Art. For unframed papers, I use tube rolls as this is significantly cheaper to ship and gives the art buyer a good discount on postage and delivery costs. One of the perks of buying unframed and unmounted! Otherwise, all mounted art is delivered flat using these custom cardboard boxes. I add extra protection for framed works or canvases (for which I use the box within a box method). So here’s how to make custom cardboard boxes to post artwork. Enjoy!

If you can’t watch this here, click here to open in Youtube.

Blue Waxbill

I’ve enjoyed painting these little birds the past couple of weeks. Here’s another little bird, called a Blue Waxbill, from Southern Africa. The bright, bright blue contrasted against the copper breast is just stunning, it’s such a naturally gorgeous bird. I added a bit of gold mica leaf to the breast, just to really make it pretty and shimmery. I love this little bird so much that I decided to put it on a greetings card. So, you can pick up a little original painting on a card, to send to a friend or family member. 🙂 The Blue Waxbill painting has been added to the new greeting card shop online, so go and have a look now.
I was inspired by a photographer I saw on Instagram – and I believe it may have been in the Nat Geo account! – @nickybluephoto

Here’s one I did earlier…

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated my website. I have been busy behind the scenes adding a greeting card shop, and I’ll be launching an online shop for my paintings soon! With local exhibitions scuppered a bit due to coronavirus, I thought I’d dabble in online sales.

In 2020 I didn’t really paint very much – I definitely am not one of those super productive people during lockdown! It’s enough just getting up, dressed and fed sometimes.

Something I did finish (I am forever starting new pieces and not finishing them!), is this snapshot I took of a local spot. It’s an ordinary roundabout, but it’s somewhere I drive on a daily basis and it changes through out the seasons. This was late Spring, with creepers falling over the bridge. So, I present to you… Andover Enham Arches! Anyone in Andover will know where this is! If you think you’d like it on your walls, drop me a line.

Enham Arches
Enham Arches – 2020 – Acrylics

With the greeting card shop up and running, I’ve also added this hand painted card of a Robin. Want something original to send your friends and family? I’l be doing a limited number of these original cards to finish up my stock of A6 size cards.
Robin with gold leaf

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