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Watercolour and Ink

Watercolour and ink is such a fun medium to work with; I love the sketchiness and immediacy of the shapes and colours, and I like the contrasty inky black lines. I have a soft spot for illustrative styles and many of my favourite artists started as cartoonists. I’ve been working on a commission for a…
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3 new paintings!

Head to the gallery to find 3 new paintings, they’re all currently available for sale in the shop!

A rainy day in Chichester high street

Last year I went to a workshop with the artist Lindsey Cole, and I had such a great time learning new methods of painting. Some of the techniques were familiar but I hadn’t put it all together into one workflow before. It was such a great exercise to take a painting right from the start,…
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Birds, OWLS, and naked ladies

I spent the majority of 2019 attending a local life drawing class; you may have seen some of the pieces on my instagram @yasminfrench or my artfinder account. I posted some of my favourite pictures- they’re not all great, but I just love capturing expressions and mannerisms, it truly is what makes us human. I’m…
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