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How I organise paint tubes and colours

Paint pots. Paint tubes. All the brands, and all the colours, in all the sizes! I swear I could open an art shop if I wanted to with the material I have at home, though I do know people worse than me for hoarding (*cough* mum). 
Here are a few ways that I organise my…
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Strathmore Artist Workshops

I’ve discovered this little gem online: Strathmore Artist Workshops It’s a series of short, basic interactive online workshops. It’s presented in video format, with written instructions alongside, and templates as well for those who don’t want to practise sketching (just painting). My personal preference is always to draw from scratch, so I had a go…
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Dr Sketchys – Great fun!

This was my second time attending a Dr Sketchy’s event, and it didn’t disappoint. The format for the events I’ve attended remained the same – and it works well. It’s more of a casual, untutored opportunity to sketch from life. The poses are around 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute sessions and…
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Patti Mollica

It was by sheer accident that I came across Patti Mollica’s online art course. I was fortunate enough to find the class just a couple of weeks before registration closed. I had been looking for some time for a course that was based online, with some structure, that wasn’t geared towards total beginners. A lot…
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