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How to paint on black, stretchy fabric for costumes

I’ve decided to write up our journey creating the costumes for the Aerial Silks performances this year – during my research for the paints and fabrics, it isn’t quite as straight forward as you might assume. If you’re looking to create similar costumes for your event, read on! To give you some background, before I…
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Costume Painting

Here’s a pic of the costumes Heidi and I were painting for several weeks last year!

Photoshoots updated!

Check out the Film and Photoshoots section in Photography to see some of the photographs of the girls getting ready for the 2014 Aerial Silks Show, and an Aerial Silks photoshoot for promotional material. Sneaky peek…

Aerial Silks Performance

We are busy preparing for the local aerial silks show we are performing for the next 3 weeks. As per usual over December it was manic, and I’ve been spending far too much time eating chocolate and in the car to visit family. I’m nervous and excited to see if our rehearsals have paid off.…
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