Author: yfrench

How I organise paint tubes and colours

Paint pots. Paint tubes. All the brands, and all the colours, in all the sizes! I swear I could open an art shop if I wanted to with the material I have at home, though I do know people worse than me for hoarding (*cough* mum). 
Here are a few ways that I organise my…
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How to Commission a Painting

Picking a painting that you want to fill a specific space can be hard. Does it go with the decor? Does it sort-of go with the rest of the paintings it’s near? Does this sound familiar: I’ve found something that I nearly love 100% but I’d really rather a bit was a different colour, or…
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Upcoming Exhibitions for 2023

For those of you who came, thank you for coming to visit us at Project Workshops! Here is a list of upcoming exhibitions for 2023, if you can come along, please come and say hi: Solo show – Cafe Atrium @ The Lights – 6th to 29th June Monday: 10am – 5pm Tuesday: 10am –…
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Watercolour and Ink

Watercolour and ink is such a fun medium to work with; I love the sketchiness and immediacy of the shapes and colours, and I like the contrasty inky black lines. I have a soft spot for illustrative styles and many of my favourite artists started as cartoonists. I’ve been working on a commission for a…
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